The Relax CVA cushion is designed for those with paralysis. The cushion creates a sense of protection and relaxation for such patients. The specific shape of this cushion supports the paralysed leg and pelvis, preventing them from tipping outwards.

In a position-changing routine the paralysed part is tilted a few degrees, allowing positive blood circulation. This aids and prevents bedsores.

Size: 285 cm from the left leg around the outside to the right leg.

Available in cotton and PU + fillings

This pillow is available is 2 different versions:

1. Cotton: this is a strong cotton fabric suitable for daily use.


  • 100% cotton
  • 120 gr/m²
  • washable
  • washing symbols

Colour: white


2. Bi-tec (PU): this material is suitable for medical purposes and has the following properties:

  • impermeable
  • breathable
  • bi-elasti
  • anti-dust mite
  • antifungal
  • fire retardant (BS 6807 CRIB 5)
  • can be washed with almost any disinfectant
  • washing symbols


  • 45% PE / 55% PU
  • 190 gr/m²

Colour: light blue

This washable cover is made of water-repellent Bi-tec material and can be washed with almost any disinfectantn. This makes the cushions practical and hygienic to use.

You can also order a loose washable cover made of cotton/polyester for all cushion types.

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