Who is Fico?

Filip Frees, founder and director of Fico Belgium, has been involved in business ever since he was a child. He grew up in his parents’ medical wholesalers.

Noticing that many customers came with requests to adapt certain products he set up his own production unit.

Therefore, in 2001, Fico Belgium was launched with the ambition to develop products that better satisfied the needs of customers/users. The fact that articles are produced in the company’s own workshop means we can address any particular patient issues faster.

When it first began, Fico Belgium offered only one product, namely the Relax cushion. Meanwhile, the range has reached 18 models and 4 versions.

Other innovative products have been added to the Relax positioning cushion, and the collection has been extended. Filip took charge of the sales himself, visiting customers and distributors, including hospitals, nursing homes, surgical truss makers (medical specialists), domestic care shops, etc…

Meanwhile, he has been joined by other partners, and Fico remains focused on product quality and extending the range.

We strive to conduct business on a human level. Therefore, good collaboration, communication, a close affinity with the sales team and moments of personal contact with our partners are essential. Thanks to this great partnership new products are regularly developed, both under our Fico brand and private labels.

Our range currently comprises: positioning cushions, sleeping bags, nursing blankets, all-in-ones, pyjamas, weighted blankets, guard rail covers, pillows, sliding sails, …

By making all articles in our very own workshop we are able to make products entirely to measure, guarantee the highest quality, continue our innovation, carry out repairs and ensure extremely rapid delivery.

After years of specifically targeting the local market we are now looking for partners in neighbouring European countries.


We have highly suitable equipment and specialised staff in our own workshop. This means we can quickly make customised products for our customers and carry out repairs.


Having our own in-house production we are able to respond very rapidly. In this way, a product that is finished today can be delivered as early as tomorrow.

Private label

We also produce articles under private label. Indeed, we stay close to our customers and listen to their needs. We work as a team and are creative with textiles and shapes. This approach has already generated some wonderful products.