Pyjamas and all-in-ones

People demonstrating smearing and plucking behaviour or who tend to undress themselves benefit from the use of pyjamas or an all-in-one. An all-in-one is worn under the clothes and includes a back or leg zip. This is sleeveless and has short legs. Different versions of the pyjamas are available.

Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets were first invented in Scandinavia and have been used there for many years in the healthcare sector, following years of scientific research.

Elderly people with dementia or psychic problems benefit most of all from a weighted blanket because it applies a certain pressure on the body, creating a sense of tranquillity, well-being and relaxation.

For younger children: click through to Weighted blankets.

Guard rail covers

Fico bed guard rail covers or bed-side protectors offer patients considerable freedom of movement without them hurting themselves on bed guard rails.