Choosing between a sleeping bag and a nursing blanket?

A sleeping bag and a nursing blanket are both very humane solutions to slightly restrict a person’s freedom of movement in order to protect them. The choice between the two depends on the person’s nature and the extent to which the freedom should be limited.

For those who simply pick at their incontinence material and often end up uncovered, a sleeping bag will be sufficient.

For a person who picks at their incontinence material and also leaves their bed impulsively, then a nursing blanket is the ideal solution.

However, for a person who is prone to both of the above and is also so restless that there is a risk of the mattress turning over or the person falling out of bed, then a 2-part nursing blanket is the right choice. By attaching the bottom part of a nursing blanket to the bed, it is impossible to upset the mattress and the person in question is unable to get out of bed.

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