Nursing blanket TR-FR plus

A nursing banket, fixation blanket or tripple sheet is a fitted sheet which incorporates a pyjama top. 

A nursing blanket or fixation blanket is the ideal solution to immobilise (restless) people humanely without the use of belts or straps and to give them as much freedom of movement and proteciton as possible. In this way the person can still change position, but will nog become uncovered, fall out of bed or pull incontinence material to pieces.

The nursing blanket is suitable for al standard single bed (15 x 90 x 200 cm). It features a tuck-in flap at the bottom, whick goes around the mattress, preventing the patient from getting out of bed.

Thanks to its wide flap at the borrom, the stretchy material and the strong elastic, the blanket can also be used for beds of different heights. The person lies directly on the bed, under the nursing blanket. As from the hips the nursing blanket turns into pyjamas.

The zip runs from the chin down to the foot of the bed, preventing the patient form climbing out of the nursing blanket alone. 

An optional 10-cm zip opening on the side can be provided for tube access.

The version 'TR-FR plus' is made of a very strong tear resistant and fire retardant fabric.

Suitable for restless patients.

Colour: dark blue



  • 54% modacryl  - 45% cotton - 2% AT
  • 215 gr / m²
  • fire-resistance (EN 11612)
  • tear resistance 285 N
  • washable at max. 60°C


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