Weighted collar neck model

A weighted blanket works in two ways.

On the one hand, the weight of the blanket puts a certain pressure on the body, comparable with physical contact and a cuddle. This causes the body to release special hormones, creating a sense of tranquillity, relaxation and general well-being. This benefits older people with dementia and those with psychic disorders in particular.

Also, people with sleeping difficulties use a weighted blanket to sleep longer and deeper.

On the other hand, people who use a weighted blanket are less sensitive to external stimuli, allowing them to calm down, relax and concentrate.

A weighted blanket can also be used during the day as a shoulder piece or jacket, allowing it to be worn outside the home, e.g. at school.

Thanks to its weight and pressure a weighted collar helps to ease the tension in your shoulders and neck, making you feel more like you are ‘in’ your body and improving concentration. Therefore, it has all the benefits of a weighted blanket, providing support in the daytime.

This shoulder piece can easily be worn under a jacket, allowing it to be used outside the home, e.g. at school.

2 versions available

  • Beige cotton/grey polyester
  • Grey washable PU

Available in 2 versions

1. Cotton

  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton
  • 245 gr/m²
  • colour: beige


colour: beige 


2. PU

  • 45% PE / 55% PU
  • 190 gr/m²
  • Impermeable
  • breathable
  • bi-elastic
  • anti-dustmite
  • antifungal
  • fire retardant (BS 6807CRIB 5)
  • can be washed with almost any disinfectant

washing symbols

colour: grey



Polished glass pearls 0,8 - 1 mm (made from recyclen glass)


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